WooCommerce Social Login

Here are some ways you can see Social Login in action:

  1. Visit the My Account page. If you enable social login here, customers can log in or register with a social account.
  2. The My Account page also shows you the plugin’s shortcode in action — you can use the shortcode to display login buttons within any of your content, such as the account, cart, checkout, or other pages.
  3. A social login widget is also available, and it acts just like the shortcode — buttons are displayed in your widget area for non-logged in users, and are hidden if the user is logged in.
  4. Feel free to create an account via My Account to also see how customers can managed linked accounts (we have an automatic WP-cron task to delete all customer accounts from this site each Monday).
  5. You can also see this at checkout: view the checkout page to see the login buttons displayed in the login notice.
  6. Finally, login buttons can be displayed after checkout to encourage customers to link their accounts then — this is a great way to encourage faster sign in for future orders:
    WooCommerce Social Login thank you page