Mulch (Variable + Vol by cu. yd.)

$13.99$15.99 cu. yd.

Select a mulch type to enable the calculator. Each mulch has a different unit price.

This product also restricts the accepted inputs for the “Depth” measurement — you can enter a comma-separated list of accepted measurements (decimal or fraction).

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This product is an example of the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator (MPC) used in user-defined mode (Read More). It’s also an example of variable product support, as the mulch type can be selected.

Customers can enter all measurements (you can determine which units the measurement is in), and MPC gets the total amount ordered, converts it to your base unit (i.e., cu. yd., cu. ft., or gal for volume), and gets the correct price (based on your unit price).

The inventory and weight can also be calculated; my inventory for this product is based on the number of cubic yards, and my weight is set in terms of cubic yards, so both inventory deducted and shipping weight will be accurate based on the customer’s quantity.

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Weight 24 lbs